8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey™

Limited supply of unique collectible bottles with proof of ownership stored on the Tezos blockchain. Our Initial drop of 88 bottles will take place in Tezotopia.

About Us

8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey™ is a limited supply of collectible NFT bottles that aims to bridge the gap between real world companies and the blockchain. The NFT will give exclusive access extravagant giveaways and discounts on all 8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey™ products with the latest web3 technology. We are going to start the trend for a new generation of cross-platform IPs that fuse their physical products on the blockchain. Grab a glass of our luxurious chocolate whiskey and welcome to the club!

Paul Thomas
Founder of 8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey

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DJ Lethal

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Gavin Maloof
Investor | Owner of Las Vegas Golden Knights

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Partner | Real-Time Tezos NFT Strategy Game

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Phase 1: Auction of 1st Founders Edition

88 1/1 NFTS will be dropped within Tezotopia Drops. These first 88 will come with special perks.

Phase 2: Whitelist Begins

Community members will be selected for a whitelist from giveaways, contests, and genuine engagement! We value loyal members of the project over anything. Discord will open before Phase 2 ends.

Phase 3: Public Sale

Public sale for 800 bottles will be dropped in Signaverse this summer.

Phase 4: Giveaways

Holders will get to participate in giveaways such as:
- Golden Knight Suite Tickets 
- Vegas Trip + Signed Bottle
- Raiders Tickets
- Nascar Experience in Vegas 
- Giveaway Collaborations with other NFT Projects

Phase 5: Airdrop Utility Token

Remaining 8000 bottles will be dropped in Signaverse in Q4. Airdrop utility token to holders + all holders get access to 8 ball token presale will also take place in Q4.

Phase 6: Token Presale + Public Sale

Presale for utility token goes live in Q3/Q4 followed by the public sale.

Phase 7: Utility Token

Implementation of 8 ball token on the 8 ball store + 8 ball merch.

Phase 8: Big Holder Party in Vegas!

Big party in Vegas for 8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey™ NFT holders +1 only! Rooms will be discounted and we will have a full party hosted in a MGM Hotel.

Details and FAQ

When is the mint for presale and public sale?

Mint will take place on June 23rd. Stay updated on our twitter and discord for more info.

How will minting work?

The drop will take place on Tezotopia Drops and will be announced on the gif.games blog.

What is the utility of 8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey™ token?

The utility token will give discounts to all liqueurs offered at the official website. As well as access to merch, replica NFT bottles, and extra raffle slots for holder giveaways! Utility will constantly be worked to give the most value to our community.

Where can I buy 8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey™?

Go to our website and scroll down to the “FIND” map. We only distribute to those locations in the US! If we don’t have a location by you, then ask your nearest liquor store to start ordering 8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey™.